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A Brief History of 3191

We are Maria (MAV) and Stephanie (SCB). We are two friends who get up early, don't stay up too late and live 3191 miles apart. We discovered each other online in 2005, and quickly developed a friendship based on a shared love of art and craft, simple things and a well-lived domestic life. On January 1, 2007, we began our first year-long project together, posting diptychs—a photo from each of our mornings—at our blog, 3191: A Year of Mornings ("3191" referring to the mileage between us in Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon). We enjoyed the experience so much that we followed that project with a year of evenings using the same format. We were thrilled when Princeton Architectural Press published our mornings project in book form in the fall of 2008. That book, titled A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart, still widely available, is now the only place you can view the mornings diptychs. In 2009 we launched our current web-based project, 3191 Miles Apart, and published our book: 3191: Evenings, which is now completely sold out. In early 2010 we decided it was time to take our online project into print and we published our first issue of 3191 Quarterly. 3191Q, as our publication is affectionately called, is now in its fourth year. These days we are pleased to post weekly at 3191 Miles Apart, work together diligently each quarter on 3191Q, see each other a few times a year for various photography commissions, and collaborate on our new shop.

Our Shop

In early 2012 we decided it was time to strengthen and build on our belief in well-made, well-loved and well-found goods for our homes, bodies, lives and souls. We both feel passionately about living with minimal "stuff" and making sure that the "stuff" we do indeed choose to purchase is special. We don't buy a lot but instead try to search out unique and inspired things that resonate with us, that have a story behind them and, in most cases, that are useful. This concept is important to us, and always has been, so we thought it was time to bring our idea of "well-made, well-loved and well-found" to our friends and longtime fans. All of the goods in our new shop are handmade by, designed by and/or curated by our team here at 3191 Miles Apart. We will offer several collections, varying in theme and content, each year.


Maria Alexandra Vettese is a Portland, Maine-based freelance art director who also works in the mediums of photography and design. She is a creative, collaborative thinker who arrives at her best ideas intuitively when she is completely in the moment or under the gun. MAV has a pure perspective and a commitment to noticing and capturing ordinary, understated moments. She collaborates on Lines & Shapes and More & Co. MAV lives in a flat that was built in 1891 with her sweetheart and two cats. See her work here and here.


Raised in a creative family in northern California, and based in Portland, Oregon for the last 12 years, Stephanie Congdon Barnes is a photographer and stylist who also works in the mediums of illustration, soft sculpture, and textiles. Stephanie has photographed for clients both big and small—from Starbucks to her daughter’s birthday party. She is always looking for new challenges and usually says yes to them. Stephanie lives with her husband, two children and one cat. You can take a look at her work here (soon!).

3191 Quarterly is carried in the following fine shops:
Basheer Graphic Books - Singapore
Bespoke - Truckee, California
Boutique Oxford - Montreal, Canada
Brick & Mortar Living - New Westminster, BC, Canada
Clementine - Middlebury, Vermont
Culture Convenience Club - Tokyo, Japan
Drawn & Quarterly - Montreal, QC, Canada
Elliott Bay Book Company - Seattle, Washington
fen and ned - Isle Of Wight, UK
Fog Linen Work - Tokyo, Japan
Forage Modern Workshop - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Frances & Smeeks - Phoenix, Arizona
General Store - San Francisco, California
Happy Home - Nancy, France
Harriet's General - Culpeper, Virginia
Kinokuniya - Tokyo, Japan
Kyobo Book Centre Co., - Gyeonggido, Korea
LDBA - Brooklyn, New York
Maven Collective - Portland, Oregon
Manos - Stockholm, Sweden
On Reading - Nagoya, Japan
Papercut - Stockholm, Sweden
ph Design Shop - Houston, Texas
Playground - Gyeonggido, Korea
Rare Device - San Francisco, California
Rosa Books - Sichuan, China
Sérendipité.ch - Lausanne, Switzerland
Skylight - Los Angeles, California
Tandem Coffee - Portland, Maine
The Broken Arm - Paris, France
Trohv - Baltimore, Maryland
Word's Worth - Tokyo, Japan
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